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Asta-Ja RDC Receives Approval from the Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training (CTEVT) for Conducting Capacity-building Training


​​​Message from the President…

Asta-Ja Research and Development Center (Asta-Ja RDC) (www.astajardcnepal.org) is a registered non-profit and non-governmental organization with headquarters located in Kathmandu-31, Dhobidhara, Nepal. The Asta-Ja RDC was first registered in District Development Office, Kathmandu, on 2071-1-10 B.S. (Reg. N. 715), and since then it has been renewed accordingly. The Asta-Ja RDC includes an 11-member Executive Board with President, Senior Vice-President, Vice-President, General Secretary, Secretary, Treasurer, and five Members. Its esteem Executive Board includes highly recognized and experienced professional with the highest level of ethics, morale, and commitment for community services, research and development, and nation-building. These Board Members have earned their highest degrees from a wide range of countries including the USA, India, Thailand, UK, Germany and Israel. Professionally, the Asta-Ja RDC Executive Board Members include academicians, researchers, agricultural extension specialists, community workers, scientists, and others. They have collected a wealth of working experience from many governmental and non-governmental organizations, international agencies, private companies, and both inside and outside Nepal.

 The Asta-Ja RDC is dedicated to community capacity-building through training, technology transfer, logistic support, policy advocacy, and research and development. In order to bring knowledge, experience  and skills together for nation-building from both outside and within the country, the Asta-Ja RDC has created a wonderful interdisciplinary network of about 100 individuals of Nepal origin representing 17 countries (Please see Asta-Ja International Coordination Council (Asta-Ja ICC) Team at http://www.astajardcnepal.org/asta-ja-icc-.html), who are highly enthusiastic and committed to the socio-economic development of Nepal. This is certainly the first network of its kind in the history of Nepal. This network includes highly accomplished scientists, academicians, businessmen, medical doctors, engineers, computer scientists, graduate students, administrators, IT professionals, service providers, researchers, and other professionals. 

Within less than two years of its establishment, the Asta-Ja RDC has been successful in generating funds for agricultural research and community development as well as in helping earthquake victims. For example, following the earthquake, the Asta-Ja RDC in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture and in coordination with District Agricultural Offices in the 23 earthquake devastated districts of Nepal started the distribution of 40,000 GrainPro SuperGrain Bags, which were provided by GreaterGood.Org and the hungersite, to the earthquake victims in Nepal. Similarly, with financial support from the GreaterGood.Org and the hungersite, the Asta-Ja RDC distributed seed packets for earthquake victims in select areas of Kathmandu, Nuwakot,  Kavre,  and Sindhupalchowk districts.  A total number of 611 families benefited from this seed relief effort. Seed packages included rice seeds (sabitri), and 10 different vegetable seeds (tomato, carrot, radish, soybean, string beans, coriander, and green leafy vegetables). A total amount of 1,505 kg rice seeds and 227 packets (9 sets kit, 2 kg vegetable seeds per packet) of vegetable seeds were distributed. 

 Thank you.


Pushpa Lal Moktan
President,  Asta-Ja RDC


January 31, 2015. Green Fundraiser Event in Irving (Dallas), Texas, USA. The Asta-Ja RDC and the Institute of Rubber and Jatropha-Nepal (IRJR-N) hosted the Green Fundraiser Event in Ramailo Restaurant at Irving, Texas, USA. More than 50 participants attended the event. While the President of Asta-Ja RDC, Prof. Durga D Poudel, gave a PowerPoint presentation on Asta-Ja RDC's research and development initiatives and Asta-Ja movement in Nepal, Mr. Tilak Bhandari, Executive Director of IRJR-Nepal, gave a PowerPoint presentation on rubber production and development in Nepal. The event was full of fun with Nepalese cuisine and cultural show. 

​Texas ko dallas मा रबर तथा अष्ट ज सम्बन्धि कार्यक्रम सम्पन्न !

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Rebuilding Nepal: Collection of Preliminary Thoughts

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Principles of Asta-Ja

Principle 1. Community awareness. 
Principle 2. Community capacity-building. 
Principle 3. Policy advocacy.

Principle 4. Interrelationships and linkages.
Principle 5. Comprehensive assessment.  

Principle 6. Sustainable technologies and practices. 
Principle 7. Institutions, trade, and governance. 

Principle 8.  Sustainable development and

                      socio- economic transformation.

​Sources: Poudel, D.D. (2008, 2009, 2011, and 2012).

  Our Working Areas

Our Services

We work very efficiently, cordially, and collaboratively with our local communities, research and development institutions, district and central level governmental agencies, international donor agencies, NGOs, INGOs, business communities and other stakeholders in agricultural, natural resources, and environmental projects and community capacity-building. We deliver outstanding results in record time.

Asta-Ja Research and Development Center (Asta-Ja RDC) is a registered non-profit and non-governmental organization with headquarters in Kathmandu, Nepal. We are dedicated to enhance grassroots community involvement in research and development of Asta-Ja (Eight-Ja) , Nepali letter 'Ja', meaning,  Jal (water), Jamin (land), Jungle (forest), Jadibuti (medicinal & aromatic plants), Janashakti (manpower), Janawar (animals), Jarajuri (crop plants), and Jalbayu (climate) for poverty alleviation and socio-economic transformation of Nepal.


Capacity-building and Sustainable Development